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Holistic Program: Yoga for Back pain

¿What can I expect of this course?

You can expect to learn how to move your body, even if you have back pain!

There are “mini-workshops” assigned to each sequence, which will help you get the most out of every exercise, and will help you avoid common mistakes, and how to adapt poses in order to serve your body’s unique needs.
Each sequence lasts 20 minutes, so that you can fit them into your week. Ideally, you should be doing something like Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday, alternating between each sequence.
And yes, you can do the sequences daily, and even do all three sequences back to back -pun intended 🙂
¿Who is this course for?

We have to say it: consult with your doctor before starting any exercise regime.

This course is particularly good for people who have back pain from postural problems and muscular imbalances, which is the main reason most people have back pain in the first place.

Please discontinue any exercise that you can’t do without increasing pain. 

Also, if after the sequence you feel worse, you are either:

a) Doing too much or going too fast

b) Not engaging your abdomen while practicing

c) Performing an exercise that is not appropriate for your condition.

Please contact us if you find that none of the sequences are giving you relief, as there are some cases that should be handled by health care professionals in person.